„Characters‘ Fitness Routines You Want“ #T5W

I never thought that I would write about fitness routines on my blog but here I am! Fitness routines... in books. But still. Wonders do happen, guys. This weeks topic was surprisingly immense fun for me and the giddy part of me that wants to fantasize about eating healthier and doing sport regularly. Stressing the 'fantasize'… Weiterlesen „Characters‘ Fitness Routines You Want“ #T5W


(tiny review) „Tash Hearts Tolstoy“ – Kathryn Ormsbee

Funny. The second that I put the book on my on-hold-shelf on goodreads was also the moment that I had a sudden burst of motivation to read it. #ForFutureReference IT WAS GOOD. Real' good. But I didn't connect. To. Most. Of. It. (This 'but' is actually pretty half-assed.) (Because I still liked A LOT of things happening… Weiterlesen (tiny review) „Tash Hearts Tolstoy“ – Kathryn Ormsbee


(Review) „Cogheart“ – Peter Bunzl

BACK TO READING, PALS. Not that I haven't been reading but I haven't been reading-reading if you know what I mean. I've been reading fanfiction and re-reading Jessica Sorensen's Sunnyvale trilogy. NOW I'M BACK TO NEW BOOKS. (Which is good because, well, my TBR is over-flowing right now. Sorry, floor and bedroom. I know, it's crowded… Weiterlesen (Review) „Cogheart“ – Peter Bunzl


„Book Covers You’d Live In“ #T5W

I'm the worst Top 5 Wednesday-participant. I don't even remember the last topic I did. I had no time, no motivation and no words left to write down. #SantaIsntProudOfMe #NeitherAmI BUT THAT'S GOING TO CHANGE. (Hopefully.) And this is the perfect topic for my get-back-into-the-groove-of-all-things-T5W. Lots of love. (You can find the goodreads group here by the… Weiterlesen „Book Covers You’d Live In“ #T5W

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#10 „47 Meters Down“ + #11 „This Land Is Mine“ (31 Days Of Watching Movies in July)

It's night and I'm watching #10 of my movie marathon. I'm alone with a bottle of icecold water while "47 Meters Down" is playing in front of me. It's a survival shark film with Mandy Moore and Claire Holt (as sisters on mexican vacation that want to try out cage-diving). (Doesn't end well for them.)… Weiterlesen #10 „47 Meters Down“ + #11 „This Land Is Mine“ (31 Days Of Watching Movies in July)


#8 „The Secret of Kells“ + #9 „Jonah“ (31 Days Of Watching Movies in July)

I'm changing the films that I wanted to watch for my #31DowmiJ movie marathon because I'm a loser and I really really want to watch this film right now. So I'll do it. My movie marathon, my rules. But first let me put my pizza in the oven. SURPRISE IT'S ANOTHER ANIMATION MOVIE. I'm so… Weiterlesen #8 „The Secret of Kells“ + #9 „Jonah“ (31 Days Of Watching Movies in July)