POPSUGAR Reading Challenge: 2018

I’m not the most Motivated Challenge Participant™ but I do have immense positive energy and good vibes bursting out of me at the moment. I’M HYPED FOR 2018. Yes, in all caps, buddy. All caps. After setting my Goodreads Reading Challenge to only 30 books(!) I decided to have a little fun with it. And…… POPSUGAR Reading Challenge: 2018 weiterlesen

(detailed Review) Rape: A Love Story – Joyce Carol Oates (with Spoilers!)

Trigger Warning: Rape. HAPPY NEW YEAR, PEOPLE. May you make great memories, achieve some of your goals and find happiness in lots of moments.  I wish you all the best and have my fingers crossed for us. *coughs* Back to business! I lowered my Reading Challenge this year to 30 books. I did 100 books per…… (detailed Review) Rape: A Love Story – Joyce Carol Oates (with Spoilers!) weiterlesen

The Best Books I Read In 2017 //

I can’t seem to find the perfect way to start this blogpost. In my thoughts I already went down several roads. In truth I just write words (some less coherent than others), delete them again and redo that same scenario over and over and over again. Because I can’t seem to get that right and…… The Best Books I Read In 2017 // weiterlesen

18 Books for 2018 // (Blogmas XXII)

Okay, I’m already going overboard because I’m making (so many!) plans for #2018. From my TBR to the second part of my TBR to my winter bucket list – to this. Now you are probably asking yourself what is this? It’s basically the detailed description of my TBR Goal #3: Buy Less, Read More From…… 18 Books for 2018 // (Blogmas XXII) weiterlesen

Die 9. BuchSaiten Blogparade. Bye, 2017!

Die BuchSaiten Blogparade (findet schon zum 9. Mal statt!) taucht jedes Jahresende in der Welt der Blogger auf. Sieben Mal wurde sie von BuchSaiten gehalten, bevor es dann von Die Liebe Zu Den Büchern übernommen wurde. Ihr könnt alle mitmachen! ♥ Welches war das Buch in diesem Jahr, von dem ich mir wenig versprochen habe,…… Die 9. BuchSaiten Blogparade. Bye, 2017! weiterlesen

How I Write: Baby Steps (Blogmas XVII)

Update. I’m on 2342 words in my first chapter. I’m on 5400 words on my ’notes, quotes, thoughts, outline‘ document. Yes, that is what I named it. Very creative, I know. And I just realized that I can not write in just one document. Which is weird. I used to write short stories (still do…… How I Write: Baby Steps (Blogmas XVII) weiterlesen

#T5W: Characters on the Naughty List (Blogmas XIII)

I skipped another day in #Blogmas and I ain’t mad at me for it. I have LOADSSSS to do (even while I’m writing this, I probably should do homework) and two/three days that I don’t do out of #Blogmas? Would be bliss and I could be proud of me. Let’s not shoot for the stars…… #T5W: Characters on the Naughty List (Blogmas XIII) weiterlesen