In general: Mixed feelings. I loved some things, didn’t like some things. Liked some things and didn’t care for others. Mixed, very much so.


LUCIEN AND FEYRE. They spend a lot of time together in the beginning of ACOWAR and I enjoyed that very much. They were my BROTP in A Court of Thorns and Roses and in this third novel they proved again why. Their silent banter, the gentle touches, trying to be there for each other. Just: them. being. friends. Period. The same thoughts I also have regarding Alis. I appreciated her perspective on things, how she just knew. And accepted it. She understood why Feyre was there – again – and how she was just acting. Good job, girl. Also, clever clever clever.

NOTE: Ianthe. Hate her. SO MUCH. She is nasty. And shady. And just a terrible human being. (I needed to get this out. And on we go….)

Where were we? Lucien and Feyre right! „A knight before his queen.“ That was so thoughtful and beautiful and just #goals. (Page 43) I’m going through the book chronologically by the way. Just so you know. Maybe I should’ve said that first? OOPS. And then page 49. Feyre being clever, making Tamlin think of Lucien as a rival, as a concern, as someone that could steal Feyre away again. I’m just so proud of how cunning she is being.  And Tamlin falling for it. Just YESSSSSS.


Sometimes I’m really perplexed that this series is labeled ‚Young Adult‚ with all the sex talk. „Autumn court males have fire in their blood – and they fuck like it, too.“ (58 p.) Like really? Woah. I didn’t take offence because I’m 19 buuuutttt I wouldn’t want a 13-16 year old to read something like that. So be warned, young people!

NOTE: I (kind of) (really) don’t care one bit about the Brannagh and Dagdan storyline. Also, weird names. I had to look at the chapters to figure out how they are written again.

A concept: Jurian talking about what A GREAT GUY Rhysand is and Feyre just over there trying not to let the love shine out of her eyes while thinking ‚That’s my man‘. (Or in her case: ’seemed so like my mate‘) #bless (64 p.)

„Immortal temper tantrum“ – perfect description of Brannagh and Dagdan’s behaviour. (66 p.) THE CONVERSATION (67- 70 ps.) IS PERFECT. Feyre being badass! Using Tamlin! Being manipulative! AWESOME!!! My clever clever queen. My thought process at this scene was literally just ‚Oh this is good‘, ‚OMG yes‚, ‚You go off!‚ and ‚YESSSSS‚. My inner fangirl was going all over the place. I was barely able to form coherent thoughts.

NOTE: Ianthe is shitty and a terrible human being. (76 p.)

Feyre putting Ianthe in her place. Feyre being a friend to Lucien. Feyre teaching Ianthe a lesson in how not to be a terrible human being, how to respect boundaries and not force other people to do something they clearly dont wan’t to. And last but not least: NO MEANS NO.  This is a scene long coming. I was just WAITING for it to happen. But I do hope she dies later on in the book. (87 p.)

NOTE: I don’t care AND dislike Brannagh and Dagdan.



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