(Review) „Cogheart“ – Peter Bunzl

BACK TO READING, PALS. Not that I haven’t been reading but I haven’t been reading-reading if you know what I mean. I’ve been reading fanfiction and re-reading Jessica Sorensen’s Sunnyvale trilogy. NOW I’M BACK TO NEW BOOKS. (Which is good because, well, my TBR is over-flowing right now. Sorry, floor and bedroom. I know, it’s crowded in here.)

The first (of hopefully many books to come) that I read in (it seems) a long time is the Middle Grade victorian steampunk novel „Cogheart“ (written by Peter Bunzl).


The three main characters are: Lily, Robert and Malkin. Lily’s father is missing and she is being chased by a group of guys with mirror-eyes that are searching for some invention her father made. She meets Clockwork apprentice Robert who she befriends and who helps her find out what is going on. The third party on their journey is Malkin, the mechanical fox that was made by Lilys father for her.

The story is fast-paced! It felt like I was speed-reading through this novel! It’s fun and easy breazy – while being really engaging and non-boring. (Which is especially good for a Middle Grade book.) Although (a bit cliche) – it was sweet!! More death than I thought going into it though, by the way. Not graphic or bloody but it’s mentioned.

Would definitely recommend this one to my nephew when he’s older. 7,5/10. Good addition to the genre.

PS: Pshhhh I’m thinking about doing TOME TOPPLE. PSS: Not sure, though. Don’t want to fall into another reading slump. 


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