Idolizing future releases.

Some books are good. Some are bad. Some are not that great for you but are incredibly adored by other people. Different books make you feel different ways, get different reactions out of you. It’s a whole scale. 1-10. 1-100. Not only 1 and 10. Or 1 and 100. You could also say: there isn’t just black and white. There is also grey. And everything between. A whole color scheme. (That rhymed.)

We perceive books differently. Obviously. We like books to a different degree. Obviously. New doesn’t equal good. Old doesn’t equal bad. Obviously.  But. But there is always that idolized perception of new novels stuck in my head before they are released. Because they are getting buzz, I idolize them. Because they’ve got a plot and representation that interests me, I idolize it. Although I do know that I have found books to be all of those things and still didn’t like them, I idolize those new releases. Some times that works out just fine for me and I do quite like those. Other times? Not that much.

Which brings me to the third paragraph in this blog post. Is that bad? No. Is it good? Depends. Should I stop doing it? Not entirely. What should I do? Realise and not forget it so that I’m not surprised/disappointed/irritated if either of those things from the first two paragraphs happen. That’s it. Just consistently being aware of my behaviour. 

Update: I just scrolled through anticipated movie releases of 2018/19 and I realised that I do that Thing with those, too. This literally applies to every part of my life. I romanticize what is to come. Wow. Hmm. I don’t want to do this anymore and analyse the depths of my mind and characteristics so I’mma stop now. Was nice while it lasted. Hope to see you all soon.


2 Kommentare zu „Idolizing future releases.

    1. I know right! My brain seems to be wired that way (aka new hyped book = awesome book) and I can’t seem to stop it. The addition of ’new‘ to the phrase ‚hyped book‘ automatically puts the novel from the ‚this could be good‘ to the ‚tHIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME‘ category in my brain. Which is unlogical and weird, weird, weird. But hey, at least we know that we do that. ❤

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