(Review) „The Ministry of Utmost Happiness“ – Arundhati Roy

It’s going to get messy real‘ soon. This is difficult; while writing this blogpost I’m still not sure what to say, what not to say, what to quote, what not to quote. I’m not even sure if I hated „Utmost Happiness“ or found it to be incredibly clever in a horribly pretentious way.  I’m not sure if I liked it. I’m not sure I didn’t, too. It’s a mess. My thoughts are all over eachother, mixed together so I can’t tell where one thought begins and another ends. 

I should probably start by saying that I dnf’d this novel at around page 300. Doesn’t seem like I got that far but believe me, it felt like eternity. The words felt like quicksand, no matter how much I read – no process was made. The words and pages and chapters all blurred together after some time. It literally felt like the Neverending Story*“.  (*reference to the Michael Ende novel. *tips hat*)

I tried to make my thoughts coherent and write in detail what I thought but I can’t seem to put into words what I want to say. So I made a pro and con list.

+++ Mostly lovely writing, very descriptive and whimsical, learned more about indian culture and their upbringing, intersex character, many relationships + many stories and their struggles, the cover, the title, beginning

– – – overwritten sometimes, it seemed like it wanted to pack too many things into one book, info-dumping, never-ending chapters, some unimportant chapters that could’ve been cut, started to bore me 100 pages in

I appreciate that the book really wanted to be a lot of things but it didn’t quite work in my opinion. It was too loud, too much. I felt overwhelmed with info and characters and thoughts and indian history and words and I don’t think I’m gonna read her other novel The God Of Small Things. No, I know that I’m not going to. Maybe this is a „you hate it or you love it“ kind of book. May other people enjoy this more!








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